Design Your Own Bridal Gown

Design Your Own Gown
Provence bride and boutique can help brides purchase bridal fabric to design your own gown.
All you need is the right bridal textile and a good seamstress. 
Provence bride and boutique offers the best prices for 100% Pure European Silk Textiles.
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Bridal Gowns Fabrics List
Silk Crepe:  30/40mm – 44/45″   ($60.00 a yard)
Silk Organza:   5.5/mm – 42″   ($22.00 a yard)
Silk Satin Oranza:  15mm – 45″   ($85.00 a yard)
Double Sided Silk:  40mm – 54″   ($85.00 a yard)
Silk Taffeta:  110 gram – 54″  ($45.00 a yard)
Silk Chiffon:  8mm – 54″  ($24.00 a yard)
Silk Tulle:  52″  ($28.00 a yard)
Silk Charmeuse:  18mm – 45″  ($29.00 a yard) 
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